NCPC 30th Anniversary Celebration & Conference – Call for Proposals

The North Carolina Preservation Consortium is seeking session proposals for its upcoming conference on Monday, November 6, 2023. This year’s conference marks NCPC’s 30th Anniversary, a milestone traditionally celebrated with a gift of pearls. NCPC wants to hear your pearls of wisdom from the preservation field and welcomes proposals that explore the question, “what is the best preservation advice you have ever received, and how did you implement it?”

Proposals will be accepted through Friday, July 21 at 11:59 PM. NCPC will notify presenters if their session has been selected by mid-August 2023. To submit a proposal, please fill out the Conference Session Proposal Form. Thank you!

Call for Conference Presentations

NCPC Conference 2022
A Potluck of Preservation Topics
November 4, 2022
McKimmon Center, Raleigh
9:00-4:00 PM

Bringing preservation professionals together to share ideas is one of the hallmarks of the annual NCPC conference. Each year we look forward to welcoming many voices to the table to celebrate preservation efforts across the state and to learn from one another. This year’s conference, the first in-person gathering in three years, takes as its theme a metaphorical potluck. Recognizing that there are a wide variety of projects, interests, and challenges in the field, NCPC invites proposals on any topic that the preservation community feels is important. We are embracing a broad theme and keeping an open mind to find out what’s cooking in cultural heritage.

Please visit this link to Submit a Proposal

The deadline for submitting proposals is October 6, 2022 at 11:59 PM.

Register Now for the 2017 Annual Conference

“Battling the Bloom: Mold Protections for Collections”

November 13, 2017
McKimmon Center
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC

North Carolina Preservation Consortium’s 2017 annual conference will address preventing, identifying, and remediating mold in archival and object collections. Experts from the fields of conservation, preservation, and industrial hygiene will help participants learn about the risks mold poses for buildings, artifacts, and collections stewards.

The headline speaker for this day-long event will be Susan Duhl, a Baltimore-based conservator with expertise in paper collections and broad knowledge of disaster recovery and collections management. In addition, Dr. Wayne Thomann of Duke University will shed light on mold’s risks to human health. North Carolina conservators will add in-depth discussions on paintings and objects, and discuss mold mitigation in historic buildings.

Don’t wait for mold to strike first. Arm yourself with knowledge and resources to battle the bloom. Register now to get the lowest rates. Early bird registration ends October 15, 2017.