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NCPC Conference 2020

circle-pin-backed-button-front_22Hindsight is 20/20: Lessons Learned from Successes and Failures in Preservation

November 13, 2020

Virtual Zoom Conference
Program 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Empirical learning can be one of the most effective teaching tools. Learning from our mistakes is a hard but not easily forgotten lesson.  How can we as professionals leverage these “life lessons” and get the most out of these less than ideal situations? Share them! 

NCPC’s 2020 annual conference will focus on sharing our experiences of success and/or failure and what we can all learn from that moment or event. The goal of the conference is to create an open and inclusive forum for both sharing what we may view as the “lowlights” of our past performance in a constructive way, as well as learning how to best include these types of dialog into our professional environments. One way to view this is that a failure not shared is a learning opportunity wasted.   

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Thank you to Society of North Carolina Archivists and the North Carolina Museum Council for their sponsorship of the NCPC Annual Conference.


“To Clean or Not To Clean: Cultural Resource Manager’s Response to Acts of Vandalism and Tagging” Kimberly Floyd, Site Manager, Vance Birthplace State Historic Site, and Jennifer Cathey, Preservation Specialist, State Historic Preservation Office  

“Preservation Peer Assessment: A Framework for Feedback-based Improvement” Presented by Sean Ferguson, Northeast Document Conservation Center

“Sometimes the Simplest Solutions are the best: Re-conserving the Lake Phelps Canoes” Presented by Timothy Smith, Staff Archaeologist/LPC Conservator, NC Office of State Archaeology/QAR LAB 

“Burwell Strong: How a Small Historic Site Rebuilt After Catastrophic Theft by an Employee” Presented by Brooks Graebner, Chair/The Historic Hillsborough Commission and Carrie Currie, Historical Coordinator/The Burwell School Historic Site

“If I Could Turn Back Time: Time Capsule Creation & Preservation” Presented by Corinne Midgett, Registrar and Marian Inabinett, Curator of Collections,  High Point Museum

Awards and Wrap Up – Presented by NCPC officers


Registration Deadline: November 11, 2020
Suggested Registration Fee: $30 per person, or pay what you can

We understand many people and organizations are in tough financial times right now. You can choose to pay the suggested rate, attend for free, or pay any amount that you decide.

Please note: Registration is a two-step process. Once you complete your registration online you will be sent a separate link to register for the Zoom webinar. Once registered in Zoom, you will receive a personalized link to access the live webinar that can be added to your calendar. Please do not forget to complete this Zoom registration step.

To register and pay online: Go to our online registration form and submit the form. You will be taken to PayPal to enter your payment information. You do not need a PayPal account to pay with a credit or debit card. NOTE: If you choose to attend for free, you will receive a PayPal Error message when you submit your form. Just close the window. We will send you the information to complete your registration.

To pay with a check: Fill out the online registration form, click on “submit form.” Close the PayPal Error message window. Mail your check to NCPC, PO Box 2651, Durham NC 27715-2651. Please write “2020 Conference” on the memo line. The envelope must be postmarked by the registration deadline.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: Registration fees are nonrefundable; however, substitutions are permitted. In the unlikely event that the conference is canceled (due to adverse weather or other causes beyond our control) registrants will be notified and fees promptly refunded. NCPC accepts no responsibility in such cases beyond the refund of conference registration fees.

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Previous Conferences

2020 Annual Conference
“Hindsight is 20/20: Lessons learned from successes and failures in preservation”
Conference Agenda
Conference Presentation: Burwell School Powerpoint
Conference Presentation: Burwell School Script
Conference Presentation: Lake Phelps Canoes PowerPoint | Slide Descriptions
Conference Presentation: Time Capsule Preservation PowerPoint | Narrative

2019 Annual conference
“When the Unthinkable Happens! Disaster Preparedness for Cultural Heritage Organizations”
Conference Agenda
Conference Presentation: Amspacher and Gilbert
Conference Handout: Amspacher
Conference Presentation: Battle Jackson
Conference presentation: Fansler
Conference presentation: Henderson Bell
Conference Presentation: OSARC
Conference Presentation: Peterson
Conference Presentation: CREST
Conference Presentation: Unger_Goist_10 Points of Protocol
Conference Presentation: Unger_Goist_Recovery Company Tip Sheet
Conference Presentation: Goist_Salvaging Paintings
Conference Presentation: Unger_Goist_IMLS
Conference Presentation: Waldrop_Williams
NCPC Sponsors

2018 Annual Conference
“Preserving Community Heritage”
Conference presentation: Catawba County
Conference presentation: Community Histories Workshop
Conference presentation: UNC-Charlotte
Conference presentation: UNC-Greensboro

2017 Annual Conference
“Battling the Bloom: Mold Protections for Collections”
Conference handout_Duhl_keynote
Conference handout_Duhl_bibliography
Conference handout_Thomas
Conference handout_Goist
Conference handout_Riley
Conference handout_Stavroudis (Goist) 
Conference handout_Thomann
Conference photos on Flickr

2016 NCPC Annual Conference
“Unbroken Threads: Preserving our Textile Heritage”
Conference handout (Myers)
Conference handout (Callahan)
Conference handout_storage (Richardson)
Conference handout_stitching (Richardson)
Conference handout_vacuuming and hydrating (Richardson)
Conference handout_supplies (Richardson)
Conference handout_dry cleaning (Richardson)
Conference handout_care after opening (Richardson)
Conference handout_wet cleaning (Richardson)
Conference handout_exhibit overview (Richardson)

2015 NCPC Annual Conference
“Monuments and Memorials: Preserving, Protecting and Documenting our Collective History”

2014 NCPC Annual Conference
“Significant Preservation: Inventories and Assessments for Strategic Planning”

2013 NCPC Annual Conference
“First Voice: Collaborative Heritage Preservation with Descendant Communities”

2012 NCPC Annual Conference
“Preserving Digital Heritage Collections”

2011 NCPC Annual Conference
“Advocating for Collections Preservation”

2010 NCPC Annual Conference
“Preserving Objects and Artifacts: Conservation Science, Collection Care, and Outreach”

2009 NCPC Annual Conference
“Fundraising for Collections Preservation and Conservation”

2008 NCPC Annual Conference
“Cultural Respect in Preservation and Conservation”

2007 NCPC Annual Conference
“The Great Migration: Audio Preservation in the Digital Age”

2006 NCPC Annual Conference
“Preserving the Artifact: Book, Manuscript and Paper Document Conservation”

2005 NCPC Annual Conference
“The Promise and Perils of Digital Preservation”

2004 NCPC Annual Conference
“Battling the Bloom: Mold in Archives, Libraries and Museums”

2003 NCPC Annual Conference
“Photographic Memory: Preserving Photograph Collections”

2002 NCPC Annual Conference
“Audio Heritage Preservation: The Survival of Recorded Sound in Folklore, Music and Oral History Collections”

2001 NCPC Annual Conference
“Security Issues in Libraries, Museums and Archives”

2000 NCPC Annual Conference
“The Wrath of Floods: Preparedness and Recovery for Archives and Library Collections”

1999: The Future of NCPC (8th Annual Meeting; Feb 26, 1999)

1998: The Changing Face of Preservation: A Dialogue (7th Annual Meeting; Feb 10, 1998)

1997: NCPC Annual Meeting and “Healthy Archives, Libraries, and Lives: A workshop on Creating Safe environments for records and their keepers” (6th Annual Meeting; Jan 27, 1997)

1996: NCPC Annual Meeting and “Access and Its Risks: Making our libraries, archives and records centers secure” (5th Annual Meeting; Jan 30, 1996)

1995: January 10, 1995 (4th Annual Meeting)*

1994: NCPC Annual Meeting and Photo Workshop (3rd Annual Meeting; Jan 25, 1994)

Editor’s note: Early meetings were combined with a workshop or presentation around a theme. For purposes of the archives, we have grouped these early meetings-with-workshops under “Conferences.” 

*In 1994 it was noted that the Annual Meeting would take place in January 1995, but we haven’t found the record of that meeting.

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