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We are seeking articles and announcements for the NCPC quarterly electronic newsletter ncpreserves. Content should focus on preservation and conservation of collections in libraries, museums, archives, and historic sites; monuments, art in public spaces, archaeological sites and historic architecture; organizations with a mission to preserve material culture; and conservation centers and conservators in private practice. The newsletter is posted on the NCPC website as an open access publication and distributed to subscribers of NCPC-News. This is an excellent opportunity to share your preservation efforts with colleagues and the public.

Please submit text and images as email attachments to the NCPC Executive Director. Text should be written in a Microsoft Word document. Images should be JPEG with a printable quality of 250dpi or more. To ensure proper author credit, please include the name, position and contact information of the author of the article, and include a caption and photo credit for the images.

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NCPC Electronic Newsletter

If you have any questions about information in a newsletter, please contact NCPC.