New Workshop: Preservation Basics for Object Collections


“Preservation Basics for Object Collections”
Adrienne Berney, State Archives of North Carolina

This short course will introduce six threats to collections preservation and discuss strategies to mitigate damage. Presentations will help participants understand steps that collections stewards can accomplish themselves, as well as when treatment by a trained conservator may be necessary. Breakout sessions will examine specific artifact challenges found within collections statewide and brainstorm budget-friendly solutions. See our Workshops web page for more information.

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New Workshop: Intro to Historic Cemetery Care


“In Safe Hands: An Introduction to Historic Cemetery Care”
Melissa Timo, Historic Cemetery Specialist, N.C. Office of State Archaeology

It’s an all too common tale — A historic cemetery you know and love has become overgrown. Or, taking a hike or exploring a new property purchase reveals a forgotten cemetery. Something should be done! But what are the next steps? How do you care, clean, and record an old cemetery without causing further damage? When do you bring in a professional? This presentation will share some easy cemetery care best practices you can employ. See our Workshops page for more information.

Preservation Grants Deadline Approaching

The deadline for NCPC Preservation Grant applications is March 15, 2022. Applications must be received via email by that date, or must be postmarked by that date if you send it through the US Postal Service. We encourage you to email your application for faster delivery.

Grants are awarded for several types of projects including preservation assessments, collections assessments, conservation, environmental monitoring, and more. You can see more information, including how to apply, on our Preservation Grants page.

Applications are only accepted from member institutions. Now is a great time to join NCPC as we have extended our “pay what you can” memberships through this fiscal year ending June 30th. For membership information, please see

Don’t delay, start your application today!